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Look 216 - Feeling me, feeling you...♫

15:31:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: lock&tuft - bear
Beard: Volkstone - Mike  - Catwa/Omega Head 
Glasses: * SORGO - Elves Shades / BLACK (G) 5 @TheArcade
Long: [Gild] - Long jk with studded harness @Fameshed
Backdrop: FOXCITY. - K-POP Star 2 - Because I am The Best (2) RARE @TheArcade
Pose: Kokoro Poses - Suga @TMJ


"Playing myself and now I'm cold
I, tried to forget but now I know
You, let me down you just have to go
Just, give me a reason to hold on
Always, give me a reason to let go
Tell me, if you know me then you know I know
Why? Why?
Love me baby, I'm not enough?
I, I, I, I, I tried to tell you, tried to tell you
I don't even need to try
I don't know why you keep hurting my pride
Always leave me, yeah, wondering why, yeah
I really, really need you by my side
Love me and your killing all my insides
Take a minute, yeah, I take a minute
Going db like I'm all up in it
Don't try to deny me I'll switch up
Give me a minute
All you do is take
All you do is burn
Take the pain away
Cry into the pillow
I don't know her name but I see the vision, yeah
I want more yeah, yeah
You give me more, yeah
Yeah, yeah, I want more yeah
Give me more, yeah..."♫

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