@District20 @The Men Jail

Look 202 - Let's raise a glass or two...♫

13:03:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: DURA - -B&G80
Jacket: etham - Harlow Leather Jacket @District20
Pose: Kokoro Poses - Kevin @TheMenJail open 8th/Jan


"Let's raise a glass or two
To all the things I've lost on you
Oh oh
Tell me are they lost on you?
Oh oh
Just that you could cut me loose
Oh oh
After everything I've lost on you
Is that lost on you?
Oh oh
Is that lost on you?
Oh oh
Baby, is that lost on you?
Is that lost on you?
Wishing I could see the machinations
Understand the toil
of expectations in your mind
Hold me like you
never lost your patience
Tell me that you love me more
than hate me all the time
And you're still mine
So smoke 'em if you've got 'em
'Cause it's going down
All I ever wanted was you
Let's take a drink of heaven
This can turn around..."

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