@Mancave @TMD

Look 187 - Smoke weed everyday...♫

05:49:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: BURLEY - Craig - Blacks
Eyes: AG. - Charm Eyes 
Piercing: PUNCH -Split Septum
Skin: Egozy - Bayek MEN (Catwa)
Necklace: [VEX]24inch Herringbone Necklace @TMD
Vest: [Gild]Warm air vest with long @ManCave
Pose: Kokoro Poses - Canabis male (Bento Pose)


"Hold up... heey
For my niggas who be thinkin' we soft
We don't... plaay
We gonna rockin' til the weels fall of
Hold up... heey
For my niggas who be acting to bold
Take a... seeat
Hope you ready for the next episode heey
(music stops and pauses)
Smoke weed everyday..."♫

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