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Look 178 - Love is a temple...♫

20:39:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Look Boy
Hair: Modulus - Cory Hair 
Eyebrows: *Birth* - 'Chiselled' Eyebrow @Cosmopolitan
Beard: Y-U: - DIEGO "BLK" @ULTRA
Watch: [VEX] - Merit Diamond Watch @MoM
Shirt: etham - Adam V-Neck Tee  @N21

Look Girl
Skin: *Birth* - 3rd Gen 'Freya' - 02. Tone
Backdrop: anxiety - cellardoor @N21


"I run, we run, you cannot hide
Haunting us of waiting for that call
Will this be the day we fall?
Some, they pray for the sun to stop
Marching on, my brothers got my back
I can see some fading along the track
I fight, we fight, there is no end
We are diamonds of nature
We are more than strangers
Fighting with eyes closed
We are lighting up the night
Ain't no star that shines so bright
And we're all aligned
Love is a temple
Love is a temple
Love is a temple
Love is a temple
(Love is a temple)"♫

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