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Look 167 - Now they always say congratulations...♫

23:10:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Look Boy
Hair Base: Modulus - Daryl Hair Base - Omega Appliers
Shirt: ..::ILLI::.. - Hip Hop Zip Up Tee @TMD
Bracelet: [VEX] - Cuban Bracelet  
Necklace: [VEX] - Medusa Necklace 30inch 
Watch: [VEX] - Oyster Palisade 
Pose: *!R.O!* - Ridin Solo BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Sunglasses

Look Girl

Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Austen -  light blondes
Top: :PC: - Angelica Top 
Shorts: :PC: - Nayara Shorts 
Pose: Kokoro Poses - SWAG GIRL


"I was patient, yeah, oh
I was patient, aye, oh
Now I can scream that we made it
Now everyone, everywhere I go, they say 'gratulations
Young nigga, young nigga, graduation
I pick up the rock and I ball, baby
I'm looking for someone to call, baby
But right now, I got a situation
Never old Ben-Ben Franklins
Big rings, champagne
My life is like a ball game
But instead, I'm in the trap though
Pot so big, call it Super Bowl
Super Bowl, call the hoes, get in the Rolls
Top-floor lifestyle, Huncho and Post
Malone, I gotta play on my phone, aye
You know what I'm on, aye
Huncho Houdini is gone, aye..."♫

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