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Look 166 - And I might be the guy...♫

18:40:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: Modulus - Anwar Hair
Eyes: Az  - Reel 
Skin: AG. - Ronin Skin - Catwa Applier 
Jacket: etham - Darren Jacket @MOM
Pose: Kokoro Poses - Yasu #3


"I got money in my pocket and I ain't afraid to spend it
It ain't a problem, baby girl when you're with it
Tell me what you wanna do, would you make a move now?
Girl you ain't gotta fight the feeling
(Look at her face)
Girl ain't gotta say anymore
(Say no more)
Need to know I ain't playing
(I ain't playing)
Baby what are we waiting for?
Tonight might be the night
You might mess around and fall in love
And I might be the guy
That'll make you wanna fall in love with me
Girl, what's your name, I'm happy that you came
I'm the man in this, stick with me, I can't love
Everywhere around the world
Don't you know that I'll be looking for you
Is it her looking for you, looking for you?
I'm not Paparazzi or a stalker
(I'll be looking for you)
Looking for you, looking for you
Not the feds or a cop (I'll be looking for you)..."♫

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