.ARISE. @MenOnlyMonthly

Look 121 - But now I see your tears as an Omen...♫

11:55:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Jeans: AB - Mandingo jeans Blue @MOM
Eyes: .ARISE. - Haya Eyes / Black @TheSecretAffair
Tattoo: TABOU - Bangle Tattoo.3 styles  @We<3RolePlay


"I'm feeling something, something different
When you left, the picture changed
I was blinded, I'd not envisioned
The same face in a different frame
It's an omen, caught my baby crying
Saw the silver lining
It must be an omen
Needed you to show me
Without you I am lonely
My mind would rule my heart
I didn't pay attention to the light in the dark
It left me torn apart
But now I see your tears as an Omen
You were waiting, I was vacant
You left me for my eyes, then it hit me
You're relocating and I need you by my side..."♫

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