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Look 71 - I like what I'm seeing...♫

12:15:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: lock&tuft - jared @mom 
Head: CATWA -  HEAD Justin 
Skin: Stray Dog - Kenichi CATWA PEARL
Phone: MUSCHI  - MyPhone 7 Plus 
Shorts: Legal Insanity - Clay black shorts with shirt
Boots: ..::ILLI::.. - Brad Work Boots
Landmark: Magical Moon


"I can't talk right now, I'm looking and
I like what I'm seeing
Got me feeling kinda shocked right now
Could've stopped right now, even if I wanted
Gotta get it, get it, get it, while it's hot right now
Oh my god, what is this
Want you all in my business
Baby I insist
Please don't blame me for what ever happens next
No I, can't be responsible
If I, get you in trouble now
See you're, too irresistible
Yeah that's for sure
So if I put your hands where my eyes can't see
Then you're the one who's got a hold on me
No I can't be responsible, responsible
It ain't my fault
It ain't my fault
It ain't my fault..."♫

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