- N E X T - @TMD

Look 55 - And I can do this with my eyes closed...♫

12:03:00Felipe - Kokoro Poses

Hair: lock&tuft - Sleepy hair
Head: Catwa - Justin Male Mesh Head
Skin: Egozy - Aymen  - (Fair)
Jacket: ..::ILLI::.. - Pilot Jacket @TMD November
Pants: * S O R G O - HOS SweetPant / BLACK
Car: - N E X T - - M E N D O Z O - MiLiON


"It's Yg 4hunnid!
Is you ride? Is you wit all the burglarizing and the violence?
If Jimmy got caught up but you right there with him
So the police askin' you questions, is you gone keep quiet?
Is you loyal, is you real, is you fake?
When I can't tell that's the type of way that I hate
You got that fake friend, (?)
There's no cure so them symptoms is gone show
You know the code, stick around, hold it down, never fold
Like it's crease up in your Dicky Browns
Hold up! Each one teach one
Motivate each one to be somethin'
Cause I ain't just another statistic
I do (?) if you wanna get specific
I'm just tryna make bread come quicker
For me and my dead gone hitters..."♫

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